Truviv Storm Massage Gun

Benefits of Truviv Storm Massage Gun

Massage guns are electronic devices that are often used by massage therapists to relieve pain and improve blood circulation. They do this by producing vibrations that are applied to the skin with the help of a massage gun head. But really, it’s not just vibrations with massage guns. Unlike the high-end foam rollers that have some sort of vibration therapy, massage guns offer something deeper than that.

Truviv Storm Massage Gun

These deeper vibrations are what is famously known as percussion therapy. This is actually why they’re also called percussion massagers. A therapist may be able to offer a deep massage, but a Truviv Storm Massage Gun in hand takes it a notch higher.

They’re a great alternative to other wellness tools like the foam roller. If you cannot carry your therapist along, you can bring the Truviv Massage Gun with you. So let us see just how beneficial percussive therapy with massage guns is. We will discuss both the health benefits as well as practical benefits of Truviv Strom Massage Gun.


Wellness of Body and Mind with Relaxation 

You can never understate the importance of having peace of body and mind. In fact, the reason we work so hard is to find a certain level of bliss within and outside of ourselves.

Massage guns can help in general body relaxation.

Truviv Storm Massage Gun


What else matters, right? A percussion massager is a wellness tool that does a good job to give you that body and mind peace. How?

  1. Stress Relief: When done correctly, especially by a massage therapist, massage guns can help the body release dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals are responsible for happiness and general body relaxation. But you need to know the right spots to hit and with just the right amount of pressure.
  2. Improved Sleep: Sleep deprivation is a real menace especially today. There’s just so much to do that irregular sleeping patterns have become something we have to deal with constantly. We won’t go into how much you need to sleep well but we’ll mention that sleep is important for focus, alertness, libido, cardiovascular health, and cognitive function. Massaging your body regularly releases serotonin which keeps you relaxed. If you get it right, the body also releases melatonin, a chemical responsible for keeping you asleep when you need to be.
  3. Overall Boost On The Immune System: There are yet to be intensive studies on how percussive therapy impacts the immune system. However, we know that massage guns help improve blood circulation. This means that white blood cells and the lymphocytes that fight off bacterial infection can get through the body faster. The relaxation effect of percussive therapy generally means that the body is always ready to fend off attacks.
  4. Increased Focus: Because percussive therapy helps improve blood circulation, it also then means that your brain is receiving the right amount of oxygen it needs to perform at optimum levels. An increase in oxygen within the brain helps improve cognitive function which brings about a heightened sense of focus.

The good part is that to achieve all this, all you need is a good percussion massager. Now, for better results for some of these benefits, you’ll probably need a therapist or someone with some deep tissue massage therapy knowledge. 

However, what you’ll not need is a big expensive massage gun. A nice Massage gun like the Truviv Storm Massage Gun has all the features to give you a thorough massage. 

More benefits of Truviv Strom Massage Gun

  1. Increases blood flow to limbs  
  2. Improves balance and gait
  3. Softens hard muscles and tissues
  4. Produces feelings of caring and comfort 
  5. Stimulates the nervous system 
  6. Eases stroke recovery 
  7. Increase flexibility
  8. Improves sleep 
  9. Immune support 
  10. Relieves arthritic pain


We all get stressed from daily life activities. However, failure to manage this stress properly could hurt your health over time. A massage gun could be a hack to successfully managing stress within the shortest possible time and in the most convenient way while getting the many other benefits attached to it. 


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