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Truviv Vibrating Plate

£299.00 £599.00

Faster, Better, Quicker. Truviv Vibration Plate is the most effective way to workout on your overall strength without putting your body under a lot of stress. Combining modern technology with therapeutic massage advancements. This device stimulates your body at a higher rate per second to engage muscles in a consistent and controlled manner. Ideal for a warm-up, to intensify your usual workout, or to aid your post-workout recovery.

  • Effective: This device relaxes the nervous system, relieves stress and pain, relaxes your entire body, and can help you lose weight. The vibration cycle corresponds to partaking in jogging, cycling, tennis, gymnastics, or swimming. Therapeutic vibrations increase blood flow, improving your circulation, protecting your nerves and bones, repairing old injuries, and loosening stiff joints. Regular sessions of 10-15 minutes per day will bring optimal results. 
  • Ergonomic: Portable and easy to use. This device comes complete with a remote to control vibration speed.
  • Top Quality: Made from durable material for power and longevity.
  • Affordability: No compromise on quality. The Truviv Vibration Plate is one of the most affordable vibration plates on the market today.
  • Safety: The Truviv Vibration Plate has been tested and certified safe.

Health Benefits:

  • Builds strength, improves balance & flexibility
  • Strengthens & tones muscles
  • Helps with weight loss, burn fat & cellulite
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Toughens bones


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