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Mini Storm


Introducing the Truviv Mini Storm Deep Tissue Percussion Massager, your one-way ticket to muscle pain relief and pure relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

The Mini Storm massage technology uses the latest in percussion therapy to offer an effective and quick form of relief for tired and sore muscles. This powerful handheld massager allows you to relax anytime, anywhere with no help required. Seven included attachments provide a quality massage from your head to your toes.

10 reasons to use percussion massage therapy

1. Bicep tendonitis - Relieve inflamed tendons in the bicep

2. Carpal tunnel - Improve nerve health in the forearm, wrist and hand

3. Shin splints - Heal shin pain after strenuous exercise

4. Tech neck - Prevent upper body aches and pains

5. Tennis elbow - Reduce pain around the elbow joint

6. Tight shoulders - Relax tense shoulders and knots

7. Plantar fasciitis - Ease foot, heel and arch pain

8. Spinal pain - Alleviate pain from spinal joints, muscles, discs, and nerve

9. Rehabilitation - encouraging healing and recovery of atrophied muscles.

10. Release Lactic Acid - this will help reduce the risk of muscle soreness.


Battery Capacity 2000 Mah 

Battery life 4-8 hours 

Charging time 3-4 hours 

Speed 1500- 2800RPM 

Speed levels - 4 

Stall Force 40 Lbs 

Amplitude 10mm 

 What’s in the box: 

Mini Storm 

4 attachment heads 

USB charger 

Storage bag 


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